Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Worlds Greatest Dad

First, this is an old pic, it was taken last November. Anyway, I just wanted to brag about what an amazing daddy my husband is! I couldn't ask for a better father for my girls. He loves them so much and never hesitates to show them. We were out on a walk the other day and a neighbor saw us through their window and came out just to tell me what a great dad Collin is. She said she sees him outside with the girls all the time, walking down the street with girls on their bikes or up at the park pushin girls on swings. Just taking the time to do the little things that kids appriciate so much. It was just nice to hear that someone else out there appriciates how great he is, not that I needed the reminder or validation! I sometimes sit back and look at my family seeing how blessed I am and, with as good as I know I have, it makes me wonder if I'm looking through rose colored glasses. So to hear that from an outside party meant a lot to me. But not as much as the time, effort and love my man gives to us girls of his! A lucky bunch we are! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Little Off Broadway

Any of you reading my blog that are close enough to come to Panaca for a weekend this weekend would be a good one! A Little Off Broadway will be showing Thurs. the 23rd, Fri. the 24th, Sat. the 25th and Mon. the 27. For those of you that don't know what A Little Off Broadway is- Basically every year a few community members get together and perform a show of selected songs from Broadway shows. There is a combination of solos, duets, group numbers, humorus songs, heartfelt songs, patriotic songs and always a classic or two. It's gonna be a great show, perfect family night! The show starts at 7pm and tickets are $5 for adults and $4 for children 17 and under. Hope you can make it! :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Been a long time

It's been quite awhile since I've posted anything but now it will be more convenient to do so, so I'm hoping you can plan on more frequent updates! For now here is what I'll share:

Emma is 17 months old and just a doll! She is a chubby lil girl, just how we like babies! She doesnt speak hardly at all only saying "Ma" and "Da", oh and "Eye-sh" for Irish. So cute! :) She is constantly going, it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep the house clean as she basically follows me around pull everything out that I put away! We love her to pieces!

Ellie FINALLY started preschool! She has been itching to go since Irish started kindergarten last year! She loves it, especially painting! She is still our chocolate milk addict and LOVES to cuddle! She is the biggest cuddler I have ever known! She is also a very stubborn little thing, always having to do things herself even if that means immediately undoing what mom did only so she can immediately redo it exactly the same way! Never a dull moment! ;)

Irish is a first grader!! I'm so happy for her because she is such an outgoing busy thing and now she finally has a sufficient outlet! I always knew she needed more than what I was able to give her at home and with family and friends! She is a GREAT sister, daughter and friend. Everyone knows who she is and loves her. She is becoming a tall blond beauty... and that scares me! ;) We are certainly pleased with the girl she is becoming!

I started working again this summer at the dentist office in Panaca as an assistant. I love the work but hate being away from my kids. Though loving the work does help the time go by each day I am away! I am currently in a local production called A Little Off Broadway. Its a show that's been in Lincoln County for over 20 years, put on by those of us that live here. It is a combinations of musical numbers from different Broadway plays performed by the member of the cast, consisting of solos, duets and group numbers. It is always a LOT of fun and a LOT of work. Our show this year is in Panaca and opening night is next week! I can't wait! I love the performances as well as being finished! ;)

Collin is as amazing as ever. I am constantly amazed at his dedication and determination. We've been through a rough couple years and through it all he has always kept us going. We are so lucky to have him as ours! He is still working at CYC and doing an outstanding job; and has a reputation of such! Random people have told me how they've heard about the great job he is doing there. Needless to say I am proud to say I am his wife! :)

So there is a quick update(deja vue) and my post will start coming more often again so keep coming back to check up! Hope you are all well! Can't wait to get caught up with your families! Feels like I havent been on blogger in forever!!! ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

New addition to our family

Forgot to mention our new addition! Meet Stormie! We got her a little over a month ago and she is now three months old. She is an adorable pure bred black lab. We love her, she fits in very nicely with our brood. The girls think she's the greatest thing ever and she seems to think the same thing about them!


To get a jumpstart on the updates here is a recent picture of the girls. Emma turns a year old on Tues. the 13. She is a very independent and confident walker already, and she LOVES to eat! Her mind has one setting and it is "whats next to eat"! Ellie is three years old. She is very much like her dad and attatches herself to his leg when he is home! She loves to color and is the sweetest of sweethearts! Irish will be six next month and we are not allowed to forget it! She's a great biggest sister and a huge help to mom. She is one of the top two readers in her kindergarden class and last week got an award for being the most cheerful kid in the class. Her teacher told me she is very social, all the kids really like her and she always makes them laugh. She's just like that at home too! Collin & I are great also. Collin got a job here in Lincoln County last Nov. so we are kinda in our own little paradise being able to be together everyday!

So there is an update! Now, hopfully I'll be able to say on top of things a little better and keep the updates and photos coming!

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